Interested in Renting a Compactor?


Why use a Compactor?

A compactor decreases the need for constant hauling from your waste provider, saving you money. The threat of trash flying around your grounds is virtually eliminated. With less trash pickups, the possibility of damage to asphalt or concrete around your trash containers is reduced. Odor and pest issues are greatly reduced.

We Have Many Options for your Business!

HMS Compaction offers a wide variety of industrial compactors that can be tailored to suit your business. Service and repair are included in the monthly rental cost. HMS Compaction also provides different types of installation including through-the-wall, dock, walk-on, and ground feed.


Rental Program Details/Benefits

  • We offer different types of stationary compactor, vertical balers, and self contain compactors
  • 36 or 60 month rentals
  • Service and repair are included in the monthly rate
  • No capital expenditure
  • Control odor and pest issues
  • Labor and waste cost savings

Bottom Line

Our rental programs are an easy way to save your business money. Compactors can help your business recycle old cardboard and other material. You may even be able to sell material to recycling companies. HMS is committed to understanding the needs of your business prior to recommending any solution.